The WittyWorX Initiative

WittyWorX started in 2011 as a Dutch design and development company. Our ambition is to bring robotic products and services to the consumer market.
We apply our knowledge and experience to convert ideas into useful applications and to enhance existing products to the best possible consumer experience.

During this process we use and integrate available modules and products as much as possible, but for those parts that are not available we develop our own.

We believe the way to develop high-quality solutions for a consumer affordable price is by innovation, integration and adopting the latest technology.

What does WittyWorX stand for?

We believe that it takes wit to innovate, push the boundaries, develop new things and get the works done. Next to that we don't take ourselves too seriously. So being witty worx for us.

What is WittyWorX about?

WittyWorX is about being passionate about robotic technology with a strong sense of entrepreneurship.